Creativity is still alive in this world

Words & photos from fiction writer Heather Anderson…

THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to form this community and to live the definition of it every single day despite the fact that we’re spread over the U.S. and Canada. Thank you for showing me the writer I always wished I had inside.

I didn’t start this program to earn my degree. I started this program for the community of writers and to prove to myself that I could be a writer and not just someone who says they want to be. Sometime during the last four years, amidst the residencies, workshops, classes, late nights, readings, meals, house parties, stress, tears, edits, revisions, deletes, and rewrites, I not only turned into a writer, I started identifying myself as one.

The faculty and staff have given their hearts, wisdom and souls to this program, to us simply because they wanted to help us to realize the writers we could become. To show us that creativity is still alive in this world. @heatherma17

Penn Cove Award program ends

The Penn Cove Award is ending for now due to circumstances which are no fun. Thank you so much to all who have submitted your work over the years. You are, every single one of you, much appreciated. You have that spark, that flame, that fire of creation — and the willingness to share your words with us is not taken for granted. You are awesome.

Write On!

-Editor Haley